Welcome to the 2023 - 2024 academic year, writing tutors! We’re thrilled to have each of you as part of this year’s Writing Support cohort in the MAX Center. Your position as a writing tutor is intended to be an ongoing learning experience. We each begin this year together with different sets of experiences–some have been tutoring writing for over a decade, some for several semesters, and some will begin this work for the first time. We’ll bring a variety of expertise, and through collaborative inquiry and reflection, we’ll be prompted to ask questions about and imagine new possibilities for writing and writers. 

To that end, Alyssa, Jake, and Britt have designed an education program to help facilitate this learning. Our Learning Outcomes and our Statement of Purpose for Writing (the latter found in the Writing Tutor Manual) inform each month’s theme and corresponding set of motivating questions for us to explore together. We’re excited to embark on this work alongside you.